“Ilienses Tree” band was born in 2013, by Claudio Kalb and Simone Milia minds, respectively on the bass and on the guitar.
After some months in studio, the band was completed with Maurizio Meloni on the voice, Roberto Matzuzzi on the drums and Roberto Cotza on the guitar.
The name of the band is referred to the Ilienses people. It was an ancient heathen shepherd-warrior population that lived in Sardinia Island about 2000 years B.C., during the Bronze Age. “Tree” is used like “genealogical tree”, meaning that we are the descendants of this ancient people.
In October 2014 Ilienses Tree published their first demo called “2014 B.C.” and in the same month it took part in the Doom Over Karalis III fest.
In december 2014 Roberto C. left the band and Nicola Spaziani joined Ilienes Tree as a new guitar player. In october 2015 Roberto M. left the band and Giammarco Vacca joined IT as a new drummer.
The band plays a metal music deeply influenced by Doom sounds and atmospheres.

Maurizio Meloni – Vocals
Claudio Kalb – Bass
Simone Milia – Guitar
Francesco Carboni – Guitar
Giammarco Vacca – Drums

IT live.jpg